Company History


Automatic Response Systems was founded September 1, 1987, for the purpose of developing and manufacturing a specialized automatic oiling system for high security papershredders used by the US Government in its security and defense agencies. The company introduced the first commercially successful model of the “automatic oiler” to the market place in April 1988. Since its development, the automatic oiler has become standard equipment on most high security papershredders manufactured throughout the world.

In order to provide a balanced and well rounded offering of commercial services, Automatic Response Systems provided expert technical repair and maintenance of the same high security papershredders that their automatic oilers were being installed on. Additionally, the management understood that they could operate, and maintain, papershredders and related equipment, and provided this valuable service to businesses in Northern California. This was the beginning of their secure document destruction service, providing papershredding and magnetic media destruction for commercial and public organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Automatic Response Systems became a licensed C Corporation in California on November 6, 1990. Subsequent to its re-organization, the company expanded its technical services to include large scale hydraulically driven equipment, such as industrial trash compactors and cardboard balers. Automatic Response began providing technical support and service for Marathon Equipment Company in November 1994. Automatic Response shortly afterward became an authorized parts reseller for Marathon Equipment, and maintains its status as an authorized servicing agent to this day.

Presently Automatic Response Systems operates out of its sole facility in Berkeley, California. There, the company manufactures the highest quality automatic oilers available for papershredders. Using American made parts in all possible applications, Automatic Response is proud to be an American manufacturer providing the automatic oiler both for international export and use within the United States.

Open to the public, Automatic Response Systems has a convenient drive- in shredding service, where any customer can witness the destruction of their secure items. From jobs as small as a half box of documents, to trailers full of paper files, any customer may have their records shredded, without having to make an appointment. Computer hard drive destruction, video tape, recording tape, floppy disk, poker chips, pai gow tiles, playing cards, CD’s, DVD’s are all destroyed allowing the customer to watch and certify the secure destruction.

New and refurbished trash compactors, cardboard balers, and recycling are a technical specialty of Automatic Response. The expert service staff will travel to customer locations to service equipment, or transport the machinery to the Berkeley location to provide complete overhaul services. At regular intervals, employees of Automatic Response Systems attend authorized service training classes and technical seminars for continued technical education and certification. Automatic Response continues to provide licensed and insured expert equipment installations, modifications, and repairs for Marathon Equipment Company and other manufacturers of high quality trash compactors and balers.

Specialized services such as disintegrator knife changes and sharpening, high security shredder cutting head rebuilds, compactor leak sensor installations, shredding and paper evacuation systems design and installation are a mainstay of the business. These specialized services for papershredder, disintegrators, hard drive destroyers, compactor, balers, and other recycling equipment are provided for all of Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Automatic Response Systems is celebrating its 22nd year in business, locally owned and operated, and it employs a diverse staff representative of the socio-economic makeup of its community. The company participates in many charity events, and helps support local churches, charities, and not for profit organizations with donations and low cost services and equipment.

Automatic Response Systems 1461 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley, CA 94710 (800) 380-8202
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