Hard Drive Destruction & Secure Computer Recycling



Physical Destruction Of Hard Drives

Normal hard drive destruction procedure involves removing the hard drive from the laptop or CPU. There is normally a $4 fee for this removal, although for Apple Computer products, this charge will vary and will likely be more.  Shredded, destroyed hard drives are pictured in the photos (right). Unshredded hard drives are placed next to the shredded items to established a size scale.

Hard Drive Destruction costs $8.00 per drive, if the drive has been removed from the computer. 

Removal of the hard drive from the computer, if necessary, is an additional $4.00. The charges for Hard Drive removal from Apple Computer products vary, and will be more than the normal $4 fee.

Secure Computer Recycling

The California Electronic Waste act of 2003 requires that Californians dispose of electronic items properly. This means that we must go to a state approved collector or recycler in order to dispose of items listed below.

Monitors and TVs are considered CRT’s (Cathode Ray Tube), and their disposal is strictly monitored by the state of CA, with each unit being logged for its origin and type upon disposal. We accept these items as a donation, as well as other computer peripherals, such as keyboards, printers, and external memory drives.


We DO accept:

  • CPU’s
  • monitors
  • laptops
  • keyboards
  • cables
  • hard drives
  • power supplies
  • TVs
  • microwaves/toaster ovens
  • other non-computer electronic devices
  • mobile & landline phones

We DO NOT accept:

  • refrigerators
  • air conditioners
  • any device with Freon or other gases
  • smoke alarms, thermostats, or any device with mercury
  • household batteries
  • tone--printer ink cartridges
  • home stereo speakers
*** No charge to recycle CPU or laptop computer after the hard drive removal. 
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