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We offer a large variety of paper shredders from many different paper shredder manufacturers. Because every paper shredder is designed to suit a specific document destruction need, it is helpful to have an idea of what you are going to be shredding, how much of it you need to shred, how small you want the shreds to be, and where the shredder is to be set up. You might like to read our Helpful Hints section. In addition to our inventory of new machines, we have a wide selection of reconditioned, demonstration, and pre-owned shredders available to try and buy at our commercial and industrial paper shredder showroom.

Personal Paper Shredders

These paper shredders are small and for low cost, low capacity shredding, usually designed to fit underneath a desk. Perfect for most home uses, personal shredders are ideal for bank statements and checks. Recommended vendors for these types of shredders are Intimus, Fellowes and Niche paper shredder companies. We also sell personal use Compact Disc Shredders.

Office Paper Shredders

Office shredders are mid-sized paper shredders designed to be centrally located within the office environment. These shredders are durable, quiet, attractive, and low maintenance. Before purchasing an office shredder, consider how many people it will serve. Because buying this type of paper shredder is an investment, it is strongly recommended that your warranty and service options are considered as part of this purchase.

Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial paper shredders are heavy-duty machines engineered for high capacity continual operation. Power requirements (3 phase 230 or 460 VAC) and the shredded paper disposal must be considered. An alternative to placing several mid-sized paper shredders in an office is to use one enterprise paper shredder with an assigned operator.

We also offer cardboard recycling shredders which make packing material out of cardboard boxes.

Reconditioned Paper Shredders

All of our reconditioned and demonstration paper shredders are thoroughly inspected and serviced before being offered for sale. Skilled technicians at our Berkeley location take great care in rebuilding our reconditioned paper shredder offerings, replacing the cutting heads, bearings and electrical systems as needed. Limited warranties are included with our reconditioned paper shredder sales. Intimus paper shredders

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