Equipment Warranty



Automatic Responses guarantees all equipment sold to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year, unless otherwise specifically stated, and agrees to repair any of our work or equipment at no charge to the customer, during the warranty period, for labor, supplies, replacement items, or travel required to return the guaranteed equipment to correct and proper working order. At the company’s discretion, it may elect to replace any or all of our work, if by so doing, the company is able to achieve a better and more reliable equipment system than can be accomplished by repairing the original items. The company specifically excludes from its warranty any damage to equipment or equipment systems occasioned by the improper or unauthorized use of the equipment. The company also specifically excludes damage to the equipment by third parties. Any such required repair due to third party damage, or unauthorized or improper use, will be repaired at the prevailing rates and costs for labor and materials, and will be charged to the customer, who may elect to recoup these costs from the responsible parties.

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